I travel long distances to train with Samson twice a week and it is well worth the journey. He helps me remain focused on my health and fitness goals and during every hour long session my knowledge of diet and physical activity improves. I really like the motivation that he gives me especially when I’m doing challenging exercises. After only 2 sessions of skipping I beat my personal best! I highly recommend him.



Samson Hodin has been by far the most enthusiastic, motivational personal trainer I’ve come across yet and I work in gyms. He effectively alters his approach to training to suit both your needs and capabilities, while keeping you fully informed of what you’re doing and aware of what to expect with each exercise. His knowledge of the human body goes beyond pure fitness, but he also gave me advice on dietary changes, which once made, gave my body more of what it needed and completely cut out foods it didn’t. This improved not only my exercise routine but afforded me increased vitality.

I was initially sceptical about personal training and questioned whether it was good value for money but I decided to try a couple of sessions and soon realised that in addition to losing body fat, I learnt a lot. Samson has given me the nudge I needed to jump start a healthier lifestyle and has been patient while helping me achieve my long term goal of a fitter me, making the sessions more than affordable. I recommend you book a session, because you really do start to feel the difference from day 1. Guaranteed not to disappoint.



Samson’s enthusiasm is infectious. He is a conscientious trainer and has a passion for helping you succeed in achieving realistic specific goals. I have kept up the running which we started a few months ago and would never had attempted this activity had it not been for Samson’s patience, encouragement and positive motivational comments. His knowledge of the body and nutrition, together with an engaging personality make training good fun, hard work and rewarding.



Samson is professional and extremely passionate about what he does. As an osteopath, I have been impressed by his depth of knowledge and attention to detail when adapting exercises for each goal (weight loss, strength training and improved flexibility/mobility). He’s not all heavy weights and cardio but tailor makes each session, even going the extra mile to supply regular and detailed nutritional plans. He takes great measures to prevent injury during training and aid in injury rehabilitation, providing a safe way to train and for these reasons, I have recommended him to many of my own patients – a testament in itself!



Samson, is truly an inspirational trainer, his motivation and commitment to help achieve fitness goals is infectious, helping you realise results and fitness potential that you did not think possible.

Not only did Samson help me achieve my fitness goals, he helped me change my entire eating cycle and mind set, ensuring I was fully motivated and committed to getting in shape. I have genuinely never met someone as committed, passionate and focused on fitness and training as Samson. I would recommend Samson to anyone, no matter what your individual goals may be. His focus and tailor made programs will truly help you realise genuine results. Guaranteed, if you start with one session you will be hooked!