I travel long distances to train with Samson twice a week and it is well worth the journey. He helps me remain focused on my health and fitness goals and during every hour long session my knowledge of diet and physical activity improves. I really like the motivation that he gives me especially when I’m doing challenging exercises. After only 2 sessions of skipping I beat my personal best! I highly recommend him.



I saw Samson in early 2018 to get help with my fitness and overall health. I was suffering from asthma and putting on more and more weight from an increasingly sedentary lifestyle and poor diet. His advice on nutrition and training completely changed my physique, shedding body fat and increasing muscle mass in a matter of weeks. As the months went by, I saw further health improvements: breathing better, sleeping better, and even my mental health. I went from being 93kg and out of breath from walking up a flight of stairs to 79kg and fighting in a charity White Collar boxing event in front of 2,000 people. Even after I stopped training as frequently after the fight, the nutritional guidance has kept the weight off, preventing my health from deteriorating as it did at the end of 2017.

Samson’s advice is not conventional and will raise a few eyebrows at first. However, as friends and family have seen the improvements in my health, I am happy to report that they are adopting the same regime with tremendous results.



Samson Hodin has been by far the most enthusiastic, motivational personal trainer I’ve come across yet and I work in gyms. He effectively alters his approach to training to suit both your needs and capabilities, while keeping you fully informed of what you’re doing and aware of what to expect with each exercise. His knowledge of the human body goes beyond pure fitness, but he also gave me advice on dietary changes, which once made, gave my body more of what it needed and completely cut out foods it didn’t. This improved not only my exercise routine but afforded me increased vitality.

I was initially sceptical about personal training and questioned whether it was good value for money but I decided to try a couple of sessions and soon realised that in addition to losing body fat, I learnt a lot. Samson has given me the nudge I needed to jump start a healthier lifestyle and has been patient while helping me achieve my long term goal of a fitter me, making the sessions more than affordable. I recommend you book a session, because you really do start to feel the difference from day 1. Guaranteed not to disappoint.



Samson’s enthusiasm is infectious. He is a conscientious trainer and has a passion for helping you succeed in achieving realistic specific goals. I have kept up the running which we started a few months ago and would never had attempted this activity had it not been for Samson’s patience, encouragement and positive motivational comments. His knowledge of the body and nutrition, together with an engaging personality make training good fun, hard work and rewarding.



Samson is professional and extremely passionate about what he does. As an osteopath, I have been impressed by his depth of knowledge and attention to detail when adapting exercises for each goal (weight loss, strength training and improved flexibility/mobility). He’s not all heavy weights and cardio but tailor makes each session, even going the extra mile to supply regular and detailed nutritional plans.

He takes great measures to prevent injury during training and aid in injury rehabilitation, providing a safe way to train and for these reasons, I have recommended him to many of my own patients – a testament in itself!



I chose Samson as my PT since he’s been a member of my gym for many years and his methods of training intrigued me. Also, he is the first trainer that I have been recommended to by a personal trainer.

I’ve been working out now for 8 years and each year I try to perfect what works for me and I wanted to learn how Samson’s healthy lifestyle gives him his sculpted and athletic body. His approach to strength training & body conditioning is safer and lasts longer which was perfect for my goal to feel and look good by being healthier and smarter with my training and diet. When it came to the training itself I was shocked how little I knew my body with his type of training. It was only 45 mins long after a gentle 15 min warm up but it felt like 3 of my sessions combined. I felt fatigued yet energised, ready to take on the rest of the day.

Samson made sure he knew about any previous injuries I had inflicted over time before giving me a full body workout and made sure those injuries wouldn’t flare up again. Personally I like to push through the pain but when it got too much he would stop and show me techniques to ease the pain using various unconventional techniques. I also invested in a consultation so I could identify exactly what I needed to change in order to hit my goals. All in all I definitely would recommend Samson as your PT. His techniques and results really work. It was amazing to discover my increased potential.



Samson, is truly an inspirational trainer, his motivation and commitment to help achieve fitness goals is infectious, helping you realise results and fitness potential that you did not think possible.

Not only did Samson help me achieve my fitness goals, he helped me change my entire eating cycle and mindset, ensuring I was fully motivated and committed to getting in shape. I have genuinely never met someone as committed, passionate and focused on fitness and training as Samson. I would recommend Samson to anyone, no matter what your individual goals may be. His focus and tailor made programs will truly help you realise genuine results. Guaranteed, if you start with one session you will be hooked!



I have been seeing Samson weekly for the last two years, persuaded by my wife. As a 71 year old I was doubtful that going to a personal trainer would be of much benefit but I was surprised to find that my stamina and strength improved. I find I am a better skier, a better tennis player and generally feel fitter and healthier. I have no hesitation in recommending Samson to anyone.



I was nervous before my first training session with Samson, knowing how advanced he is. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do what I would be instructed to do without difficulty. I need not have been worried at all. Samson made me feel at ease from the moment we met. Samson not only demonstrated exactly how to do everything, he also explained why every movement was important. Technique is key and the mobility exercises he taught me have greatly improved my squat, which feels so much more comfortable – I have much more depth and move smoothly and steadily through out; my deadlift is also greatly improved as I feel everything in my legs and am no longer straining my back. My balance has vastly improved through jumps, which helps me perform the yoga poses I love which Samson has always encouraged me to incorporate into my training.

Samson’s knowledge of physiology, psychology and biology is beyond any other trainer I have come across. Your diet plan will be varied and rich in nutritious foods and drinks, some you never thought would help you improve not only your strength and fitness but also your internal well-being and immunity. He emphasises the importance of micronutrients as well as macronutrients – improved physical appearance is a pleasant side effect of this approach.



Samson’s inspiration has been tremendous. He had the patience to undo years and years of bad habits and assorted nonsense I had learned about nutrition and training. I finally feel I know what I’m doing and I’m managing to stay lean and strong without feeling like I’m on a diet. Best trainer in London.



My lessons with Samson have not only benefitted me but also my family. My brother, an aspiring sportsman, has gained invaluable knowledge and advice. Samson is so kind and open with his knowledge, speaking with my brother about particular goals and how he may best go about achieving them. He has done the same for my mum who has been struggling with arthritis but wishes to continue to exercise in a way that will ease pain and avoid strain. Samson’s training is tailored each and every time and is suitable for all levels and goals.

I was able to and was made to feel welcome and comfortable to contact Samson at any time with questions, concerns or even just a brief progress report. He would always reply promptly and with thorough, extensive information. It doesn’t take long to realise that fitness and nutrition is a lifestyle and passion for Samson, not just a means to make a living.


James P

Thanks to Samson I am now in the best shape of my life. In the 3 years of training, he has changed my attitude to fitness and lifestyle. He’s very passionate and knowledgeable about his work and through his well organised and motivational sessions the results are speaking for themselves. I have noticed it most when I play football as he has tailored the sessions to help me perform at higher levels athletically. The diet advice has made it easier to stay in shape.



Samson is a brilliant trainer who is knowledgeable, motivating, always smiling and yet incredibly strict with technique. He will make you do more by doing less but doing it correctly.

His teaching extends to when you go home or travel, with great advice on everything from organic recipes and the best ingredients to use and for exercise routines to follow so you don’t fall behind on your progress. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who takes their fitness goals seriously and wants results they can maintain!


James D

After seeing Samson training and encouraged that he was doing exercises that were functional rather than dysfunctional, I signed up for a block of 20 sessions. He listened to my goals and focused on suitable exercises and progressions for my ability. I saw mobility and strength gains and would definitely recommend him as a personal trainer for all.



Working out with Samson was the most amazing experience! Living with a chronic back injury, I was challenged at every session, building strength bit by bit, until my entire body became significantly stronger and leaner. Every session was enjoyable and fun because Samson has an amazing way of building rapport with his clients and results don’t take long to manifest! Highly recommend!



Samson is an excellent trainer who delivers demonstrable results. He takes time to understand your body and develop your core. Based on this he then tailors the training to deliver your objectives. This is excellent as you start seeing results which drives motivation and overall fitness.



I always considered myself to be fairly active, playing tennis for the past 20 plus years, but noticed that approaching sixty years old, my joints were achy and I wasn’t as supple as I would have liked. Also added to this, my legs and arms were starting to sag.

I was chatting with a friend at my tennis club about my concerns, and not being a gym person, he recommended a young man who had just started his own personal training service. That person was Samson! 5 years later, and I am still training with him once every week apart from when I am away.

Many compliments on…the biggest ones was recently on a catamaran lunch cruise, when a lady looked at me and said “now that I have seen your body, I have decided not to take my clothes off”. Thank you Samson!



So you want to get fit with a trainer? It’s all about strength and stamina of course, but what about flexibility, general well-being, and diet? All these things work together and Samson works with you on them all.

I have been training with Samson for 3 years, once a week except when I’m travelling. This is not enough to become an athlete, but coupled with my regular tennis, it maintains my fitness at an acceptable level. Twice a week would be better, but Samson readily fine tunes his advice to work with my availability. And whilst I could do many of the exercises alone, I just wouldn’t – most of us need to be pushed to do just that little bit more.

Thank you Samson – I enjoy our sessions, and the sense of achievement when they are over!



I have spent many hours under Samson’s guidance and have always found him to be very supportive and knowledgeable. He has been particularly helpful after any injuries I have incurred. I have learnt an enormous amount from him and would recommend him highly to any of my friends.



Samson is without doubt at the top of his game! He provides a positive energy at the start of every session that continues to the very end. His sessions are varied and thought through, working both on strength and flexibility. He is dedicated and serious in his aim to improve your fitness goals and achieves this with charm and humour. I can’t recommend Samson highly enough.



I got in touch with Samson for some personal training a few years back after an extended period of overindulgence and inactivity. In the sessions Samson showed me the things I could easily change with my diet and daily routine to lead a healthier and happier life. I found Samson to be very helpful and encouraging and I am still benefiting from our time together.



Samson trained me at home a couple of times a week for a long period. During this time, he grew as a person in many ways and training from him was never dull with a lot of thought put into each session. The only reason I put training on hold was because I did not have time to walk the dog twice a day and play as much tennis as I wanted as well as do the training!



Samson is the best trainer I have ever had and I have come across a few in my time (long term injury, new injuries and other things have moved me up and down on the scales for the past 10 years). All of the PTs I have had are fairly knowledgeable but Samson more than any of them seemed to have a passion for knowledge as much as a passion for training. He is constantly learning and improving which is invaluable. He will always do what’s best for you and specifically you. I have had other trainers who have a generalised idea, they can make you stronger etc. but it all feels a bit generic. Beyond that Samson genuinely ares, works you hard and is so meticulous in what he does to ensure no injuries and maximum gains. Lastly, he is a lovely fella, the sessions are obviously hard but he makes them fun and they are worth every penny.



Samson lives and breathes fitness and health. His passion for his industry is matched by his knowledge of how best to sculpt and hone the human body both externally and from within. His philosophy is less concerned with the fast results which social media and fitness magazines seem to promote, instead he encourages steady, sustainable gains which will have longer-lasting effects and make achieving and maintaining your goals (fat-loss, strength-building, injury-prevention) much easier. His advice on training methods, as well as food and nutrition, has helped me and my family over the last five years and I recommend Samson regularly for those looking to boost their health and well-being.



I have been training with Samson for almost 5 years. He is without doubt the best trainer I have worked with. Extremely knowledgeable, firm in a friendly way, amusing and fun and always able to push me that extra 10%. It makes every session something to look forward to even on the most beastly of mornings when training seems the last thing anyone wants.