The strategic personal training approach that I offer considers the individuality of each person and the importance of controlling movements and eating habits.

The sessions are designed to teach clients how to develop consistency in order to incinerate body fat and build a strong foundation. Participants will exceed their daily exercise requirements and be empowered to challenge any physical or psychological barriers that they have experienced in sport, health or fitness.



Table 1: Independent personal training prices

1 session £75
10 sessions £650/850
20 sessions £1000/1800

The lowest price bracket for the packages is indicative of the cost of training in the Highgate studio.

The higher price bracket is for in-home workouts.

Programme Summary

A typical hour will look like this:

  • outline of session
  • warm up
  • accomplishment of personalised programme

Your ambitions are central to the devised programme.


Free Rewards

Existing clients who recommend a friend, co-worker or a member of their family receive a free session gift once that person has signed up.

A brief consultation and a workout will take place in the first training session.


Payment Options

  • Cash, debit and credit card payments are accepted.


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