The strategic personal training approach that I offer considers the individuality of each person and the importance of controlling movements and eating habits.



Table 1: One-to-one personal training (60 mins)

1 session £85
10 sessions £800
20 sessions £1500

In the workouts, clients will learn how to incinerate body fat and build a strong foundation for any fitness goal.


Table 2: Private voice or video call (30 mins)

1 call £85
5 calls £375

In the calls, appropriate workouts and healthy diet options will be discussed.


Table 3: Private meal preparation (excluding food cost)

Breakfast (60-90 mins) £85
Lunch (60-90 mins) £85
Dinner (60-90 mins) £85
Complete Masterclass (6-8 hours) £85 an hour

Dietary choices play a huge role in how good ones body functions and looks. Understanding how, when and why to prepare healthy food will save you money, time and energy while effortlessly reducing body fat, increasing brain function and boosting overall health. The best time to invest in meal preparation is before the first training session in your workout package.

At the start of the cooking workshop, a complementary consultation will take place. It may then be necessary to go to your local supermarket before the meal preparation begins. Meals will then be prepared for you to store in the fridge, freezer or consume immediately! Those who commit to the ‘Complete Masterclass’ will benefit immensely from the extra time due to having more food preparation options, ingredients and time to learn the basic skills properly.

Free Rewards

Existing clients receive 1 or 2 free sessions every time they refer someone who commits to the 10 or 20 session packages.

Payment Options

  • Cash, debit and credit card payments are accepted.

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